Upcoming Events

Check out our November Events.  Be sure to head over to our Videos page to watch Event Promo Videos and catch up on past even Highlight Reels.

  • Hockey Night! | Friday, March 15th

    It's another awesome trip to Tri-Cities to watch semi-pro hockey.  Game 4 of 4 that Wiley Student Ministries will attend promises to be a night of excitement.  $15 gets you a ticket and a bus ride.  Bring food for the bus, or money for food in the arena (no outside food or drinks allowed in the arena).  Souvenirs are available in the arena.  Are you ready?  Be at Wiley at 4:30pm, plan to be picked up at 11:30pm (unless the game goes into overtime!).  Check out the sweet Americans Hockey Promo!

  • Combined night | Tuesday, March 26th

    All grades combine together (7th-12th) for a sports battle royale!  We'll be borrowing Ahtanum Pioneer Church's ARK (gymnasium) for the night.  Please wear tennis shoes so that we don't mark up their gym floor!  Plan to play some indoor soccer, ultimate frisbee, and good old fashioned capture the flag.  No cost for this event!  Meet at the ARK (corner of 86th Ave. and Ahtanum Rd.) at 6pm.  Pick up is at 8:30 at the ARK.

  • Hold Fast | Monday-Thursday, April 1st-4th

    Hold Fast is coming up quickly!  Do you know why you believe what you believe? Join us as we take a look at what you believe and why.  Cost is $125, first 18 to sign up with a $20 deposit secure a spot, a waiting list will be established if necessary.  Scholarships are available to those who ask.  Save the dates!