November Events

Check out our November Events.  Be sure to head over to our Videos page to watch Event Promo Videos and catch up on past even Highlight Reels.

  • iDentity 2018 | Nov. 9th-11th

    Only available for our Vertical Students, this intensive retreat is designed to change students' perspectives on relationship integrity forever. Rather than focusing on what to do and what not to do, students learn the foundation of of God's design for two different, yet complementary genders. Students gain an understanding of God's purpose behind creating them male or female.  Check out more.

  • Newsboys Concert | Sunday, Nov. 18th

    Just a fun night listening to good Christian music from one of the more notable Christian artists of the last 25 years.  RSVP on the Youth App.

  • Nerf® War | Tuesday, Nov. 27th

    Dust off your NERF® guns and practice your aim.  We are gearing up for a fun night of Protect the President, Crown Jewels, and other awesome games in the main building at Wiley Union Church.  Both CrossOver and Vertical will be combined together for this one.  Don't have a NERF® gun?  Talk to Pastor Todd to reserve from Wiley's own NERF® Arsenal.  Only NERF® guns that shoot darts please.

  • Hockey Night! | Friday, Nov. 30th

    It's another awesome trip to Tri-Cities to watch semi-pro hockey.  Game 2 of 4 that Wiley Student Ministries will attend promises to be a night of excitement.  $15 gets you a ticket and a bus ride.  Bring food for the bus, or money for food in the arena (no outside food or drinks allowed in the arena).  Souvenirs are available in the arena.  Are you ready?  Check out the promo here.