identity 2018

Retreat Info Packet for Parents and Students

This intensive retreat is designed to change students' perspectives on relationships and sexual integrity forever.  Rather than focusing on what to do and what not to do, students learn the foundation of of God's design for two different, yet complementary genders.  Utilizing resources and curriculum from Carrie Abbot (founder of the Legacy Institute), students gain an understanding of the differences between men and women, and the purpose behind their design.

This retreat is a Vertical only event.  It is limited to 8 students, a wait list is available.

Students will travel a few hours away to a cabin in Ashford, Wa.  There are no activities or excursions on this retreat.  10 General sessions as a large group are followed up with gender specific small groups.  Parents can receive curriculum upon request-we recommend it!  Check out the video promo on our Promo page.

There is no cost for this retreat.  It is covered by the grace of God through those who consistently and faithfully give offerings designated to the Camp Scholarship Fund.