Permission Slips

Any permission slip needed for Wiley trips, events, or excursions.  

Download and print the pdfs or fill out the online waiver by following the link.

  • This permission slip covers your student for the entire year.  Any trip or activity that occurs off of the Wiley Union Church grounds requires a permission slip be on file for each attendee.  Fill it out once and it is valid for the entire year.

  • This waiver must be turned it at check-in for Camp 2021 (RECALL).  It is a part of our Saturday activity, without it completed prior to camp the student cannot participate.

  • This online waiver permits our students to learn to rock climb at High Steppe Climbing Gym right here in Yakima, WA.  Watch the video and then fill out the waiver online to join us.

  • This permission slip covers our students to play paintball at Operation Paintball in Graham, WA.