Recall | Camp 2020-Postponed!

Unfortunately, due to government restrictions imposed upon group gatherings in response to COVID-19 in Washington state, we will not be able to go to winter camp as scheduled.  We will put camp on the calendar in the near future (most likely the summer calendar) and refund money for camp fees asap.  Stay tuned for further information.

Parents!  Get your Camp 2020 Parent Packet here!

Spring boarding off of Lamentations 3:21-23, Wiley Students will spend a weekend learning about the promises of God and the hope found when they are trusted during the trials of life.  Plenty of games, activities, great food, and Bible lesson after Bible lesson round out this weekend of potential spiritual growth.  

We can take 31 students this year!  The first 31 to make a payment of any amount will be put on the roster, a wait list will be established if necessary.

Make a payment of any amount, RSVP on the youth app, fill out the Wiley Student Ministries permission slip, and mark your calendar.

Recall 2020


Take a look at last year's Camp Report & Video below.

Recall | Camp 2020 Teaser

It's coming...details below the video.


Hold Fast 2019 Camp report & video

17 Students, 3 Leaders, and 1 Awesome God had a great time exploring different aspects of what we believe and pursuing a defensible reason for those beliefs from God's Word. This camp focused more on each camper's individual reasoning for their beliefs about various Christian topics such as God, Jesus, Man, Sin, Satan & Company, etc... 

We galvanized as a group during small group discussions following each lesson, battle on the paintball field, competition during broom ball, and in free time at the camp cabin.

There was a very fun, relaxed, and light-hearted atmosphere at camp and no disciplinary issues.  Check out the camp video below.