Live Stream Troubleshooting

Current Stream Status:  Good

There are a LOT of different things that may be causing you to experience a less than encouraging (also known as "frustrating") experience watching our live stream.  But, there are some things you can check to figure out what is going on.  And we're here to help too.  Use the Troubleshooting Guide below to figure out what is going on.

Currently, Wiley's internet service provider is unable to increase our stream speeds, which may cause intermittent pauses, jumps, or stream failures while watching live.  This is dependent on how many other network users in our area are using the internet and can fluctuate.  Wiley is working to change internet service providers in order to reduce the frequency of our rural internet speeds causing issues with the broadcast.  

Playback Problems:

1.  I go to the Live Stream page, but the video is black with a spinning white circle in the middle.

2.  The video player shows video, but it pauses often or jumps back to previously played parts of the service.

3.  The video is really fuzzy or blurry.

Likely Reasons for problems 1-3:

1.  Your internet is likely too slow to receive the full video feed, to keep up with the video feed, or to show the video clearly.

Our live stream is broadcast at 720p resolution (High Definition) at 2.15mbps (2.15 megabits per second).  The service we use to stream creates duplicate streams at lower resolutions which utilize slower internet speeds.  The chart below will show you what your internet download speed needs to be at in order to receive the live stream well.

QualityRequired Minimum Bandwidth
240p500 kbps
360p1 Mbps
720p3 Mbps
1080p7 Mbps

Click here to run a speed test and see if your internet download speed is causing you trouble.  Your download speed is the required minimum bandwidth you need in order to receive the live stream well.

Possible Solutions:
1.  Our video player should select the best quality of video for your internet download speeds automatically, but if your speeds change a lot then it could be switching back and forth between different speeds causing playback issues. This can be fixed by clicking the Gear Icon in the bottom right corner of the video player and selecting a stream quality that your internet speed can handle. Here's a helpful video showing you how.

2.  Try to watch from our Youtube Channel or our Facebook Page instead.

3.  Call your internet provider and ask if you are having problems with your download speed or ask for a speed increase.

4.  Watch the live feed after it is finished from the the Past Live Stream page.

Audio Problems:

1.  There is no sound at all.

2.  The sound is really quiet or really loud.

Likely reasons for these problems:

1.  Your speakers are muted, your volume is turned completely down, or your speakers are unplugged.

2.  Your speaker volume is turned down too low or is turned up too high.

Possible solutions:

1.  Unmute your speakers, verify that they are plugged in, turn your volume up.

2.  Adjust your speaker volume until it is at a comfortable level for you.

     *Every speaker system is different, some speakers are amplified, some are not; our live stream is output at a standard volume that should be generally easy to hear by all viewers.  If you are unable to find a comfortable viewing volume after trying solutions 1 & 2 above please email Pastor Todd.

For any other problems, please email Pastor Todd and describe your symptoms.

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