Recommended Resources

Podcasts & Ministries for Spiritual Growth

Here is a list of resources we recommend for use in personal study.  They are recommended based on their literal, grammatical, historical approach to studying Scripture and the expositional level of their instruction.  

As always, test and prove all things (see 1 John 4:1-6).

  • Wiley Student Ministries

    The youth ministry of Dr. Todd Bounds, from right here at Wiley Union Church.  Studies are systematic, building one lesson upon the previous.

    Website     iTunes Podcast     Google Podcast

  • Spheres of Grace Ministries

    The teaching Ministry of Dr. Troy S. Welch provides a perfect balance of grace and love with bold, in-depth teaching from God's Word.

    Website    iTunes Podcast

  • Dean Bible Ministries

    Dr. Robby Dean is the Pastor at West Houston Bible Church, in Houston, Texas.  He teaches multiple Bible classes simultaneously allowing the opportunity to learn from both the Old and New Testaments throughout the week.

    Website    iTunes podcast    YouTube